19 October 2009

Name that artist

I love this cartoon! It's at least 12 years old, yet remains all too relevant. The 'have' just doesn't get that if he cuts loose the 'have-not' on the other end of the rope, they are both doomed. Please be in touch if you can help identify the artist or publication in which this appeared. Or, if you've seen the same message depicted in a positive way.
This post updated 8 jan 2010.


watkins design said...

Hi Barbara,

I have a print out of this cartoon. Was it you who gave it to us years ago? Isn't the artist's name in the lower right corner? ;-)


Barbara Dufford said...

Yes, that printout came from me. I'd love to see it more widely shared, which is why I posted the query. I think that probably is the artist's sig, but it's illegible, unfortunately. I researched this w/ New Yorker cartoon bank, which seemed the most likely source of help, but they couldn't identify it.